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In the book Cutting School, the author shows the consequences of children falling into peer pressure, as well as
skipping school. The discussion that the parents have with their truant children emphasizes the importance of free
thinking and following the rules. They are also taught that actions do not go without consequences. This book is
a good read for children to help them understand why doing the right thing, even if it makes you appear different
from your friends, is the best decision. Children will learn that even if they don’t get caught skipping school by their
parents, the teachers will be aware and there are a vast amount of other dangers that threaten children when they
are not where they are suppose to be.


It teaches in a way that children will understand, using language and pictures that make sense for their age range. At the end of the book, there is a question-and-answer section that gives parents an opportunity to test their understanding of the book. Fun book and great read for youngsters and their parents or other caregivers!

7-12 years old


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