Beautiful Is Black by Serenity Anderson


Beautiful Is Black by Serenity Anderson is about a little girl who is getting pick on at school. She wants to make friends but instead the character finds herself being pushed away and humiliated at school.

Product Description

Self-esteem and self-image are two of the most common factors that impact a child’s future since they affect learning, relationships, and growth at all levels.

This book is a powerful tool for parents, caregivers, and teachers as a means of communicating with any child—especially girls—who are dealing with acceptance issues. It teaches that differences are what make us unique, as defined by a young girl’s conversation with her mother. If we all looked exactly the same, the world would not be so colorful or exciting. Each of us contributes something special to the world, even if we do not always feel that way. As parents, caregivers, teachers, and society as a whole, we must see young children as one of our most valuable assets. It is our children who shape the future, and anything that affects them in a negative manner should be addressed at an early age, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

The Book Sumary
Many children are confused about the differences in what is right and wrong when it comes to children in their school that have different skin colors or ethnicities. This book discusses the troubles one girl has because she has a lighter tone of brown skin than her classmates. She doesn’t understand why she is picked on or who she can be friends with. She knows her parents love each other very much, and that’s all that should really matter. Her mother emphasizes how beautiful black is, and she tries to comprehend it. However, she does not know how to get through the passing storm of being picked on. This book is a good read for parents and children to discuss bullying and racial tensions. It will also lead to discussion of what the girl can do to better her situation and what the reader’s child can do to prevent bullying in his or her own school.

6-10 years old


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