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Get Involve

Make a difference! Your stories, expertise, and voice matters. Change starts with speaking out to help others and bringing understanding to the world.  Join one of our opportunities listed below.

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Be an advocate!  teacher support and get your very own Healthy Relationships and personal growth Toolkit! We provide support and materials for preschool, elementary, middle school teachers and counselors to teach healthy relationship  and personal growth skills and prevent bullying, low self esteem and poor communication.

Share your stories, reviews, testimonials and tips-

People often mention how our books and programs have changed their lives. As an organization and a community, we cherish the wonderful stories. Everyone have a story. Your story maybe the one to shred light, offer comfort and give another perspective on a situation that is currently going on with someone else. Sometimes all we need in this world is  to know we are not alone. Someone else has been through it. Someone else understands and someone may have an idea of how I get through it right now. Teach each other so we can learn from each other. We invite you to share your story and tell us how our books, or any of our programs is making a difference in your life, that of a loved one or someone you know.

Simply email your story to or No story is too big or too small and stories from the heart are the best. Please do not feel the need to be formal or fret over your creative writing abilities. You can include fun stories, memorable moments, how the product(s) has impacted day to day life, benefits and new capabilities, how you/the user got started, successes along the way, etc. All stories are appreciated and welcomed!

Your story could be featured in our newsletter, shared on our web site, be the basis for a mini-documentary video or make it to a newspaper, magazine or TV program.